Shadwell pub history

In case you wonder what I do late at night when most sensible people go to bed, or curl up with a good book? I like to revisit an area on the London pub history site, and see where i can improve it.

Tonight I am in Shadwell. There were a lot of pubs in Shadwell. Along with my research I find mainly Stephen Harris and Ewan mentioned, and the Tower Hamlets history society and a number of others.

What I am planning on doing tonight, and probably during the day tomorrow, is add a few details to each page, and hopefully show when a pub was open by, and maybe closed by; or whatever.

Just working through one tiny area of London, I am starting to see what I have spent the last eighteen years building. I cannot decide whether it is an abomination or a work of art, probably the latter!

The updates from people seem to be a lot slower these days, which suggests there is not masses of detail to add, but I refute this, although I am really working on a London street directory more than the pub history site these days.

C’est la vie.


Sponsorship for the London pub history / London history sites

Here goes, and there may be more posts coming in the future as I find somewhere to gather my thoughts about the future of the LondonĀ  history sites mainly linking to historical pubs.

I am a lot peeved by the advertising revenues received through google adsense to the point I am quite enraged about them, and often remove them completely as a waste of my time, and spoiling my site/s; e.g. last night. I continually add them back for the pittance I get from them.

The pub history sites I run are a brilliant resource, and just continue to get better as I now have the time to continue to build upon them. This will continue whatever the outcome, but it would be nice to not have to worry about revenue raising to cover the small costs that I incur making these updates and additions.

What I amĀ  looking for is a sponsor, or an advertiser who would like to come onboard, and sponsor the sites. It does not have to be a fortune, and this could be either a separate brewer / pub chain or even a group of micro breweries etc. I am not averse to those who have alternative views to mine about Brexit, if I like your pub chain and your pub meals!

I would just like to remove the necessity to add advertising across the site/s to achieve my potential. I do have a track record of about eighteen years of building the site/s and have already asked Ewan of the pubology site to look at continuing my research if I were unable for any reason, i.e. he would have total control of all content built so far rather than my pub research being lost for ever.

That’s it really. Anyone out there interested? Send me an email.