A simple use of bootstrap 4 – yes I know its simple

I learn by doing things. I also learn by breaking things. If you can break it, and then fix it, it’s not broken.

Anyway, tonight, I am still messing about with site design, simple site design on a very small page which I can play with.

So, part of my 1832 / 1842 street directory includes transcription of the 1832  and an image for 1842. What if I transcribe the 1842 detail, and add a button to see it?

That’s all it is really, but it makes me laugh every time I click the button! I have obviously been on this for too LONG! Try out the Adam & Eve court page.

I am thinking about having lots of wordpress running soon, so expect these outages, or are they outrages?


19 Borough High street – before 1830

I was searching for something last night, I cannot remember what I was looking for, but I stumbled across a book called the Annals of St Mary Overy. I often have a scan through these early books for the imagery which is enclosed, some can be really good.

Near the end of this book was a small section on the early inns and taverns of Southwark; and as usual every author likes to quote a bit of Chaucer and  his early tales. Alongside this section was a picture which appeared to be the Talbot Inn, although it had no resemblance to it. I took this a little further and searched the index as the wording under the picture was not clear at all. It was described as an Ancient House, Southwark. Fair enough, it was a beauty.

I then scanned through similar pictures in search, and found a street scene of early Borough High street in Getty images, and in this could be seen a high possibility for this building.

And then, actually it does actually help to read the book, and it is described as 19 Borough, originally Brewsters wine merchants. I did a search on my own site, and there he is in 1805 and again in 1811 listed at 19 Borough. He is also there in 1818, but that is another part of a later story.

So there we go. What a cracking find. It is also listed as the Crown and Chequers at this address; and latterly disappears by around 1830.

London 1899 pub history and going earlier

It was some years ago that I decided that adding a pub in London in 1899 was an incredible thing. I spent my whole waking life  ensuring that there was an pub history entry for all public houses which existed in Victorian times in 1899.

As you probably know by now, Victoria died a couple of years later .

Then over many years of research I added the 1839 and 1841 directories which were rarely complete. Then I found a copy of the Robsons 1842 street directory online . This was a game changer. The 1842 directory is incredibly large, and is immensely powerful in its descriptive compilation. It is a full blown street directory and clearly marks the London properties including many pubs.

Some years on, I am finally adding the 1832 Robsons directory detail to the site, which also includes a lot of pub history; and I use this to my advantage. The 1839 and 1841 directories never really excited me, the early Robsons directories do a lot for me, they are brilliant, even if the earlier directory has a lot of typos.

Just for completeness, here is the London pub history index as it is at present, today in 2018.


Sponsorship for the London pub history / London history sites

Here goes, and there may be more posts coming in the future as I find somewhere to gather my thoughts about the future of the London  history sites mainly linking to historical pubs.

I am a lot peeved by the advertising revenues received through google adsense to the point I am quite enraged about them, and often remove them completely as a waste of my time, and spoiling my site/s; e.g. last night. I continually add them back for the pittance I get from them.

The pub history sites I run are a brilliant resource, and just continue to get better as I now have the time to continue to build upon them. This will continue whatever the outcome, but it would be nice to not have to worry about revenue raising to cover the small costs that I incur making these updates and additions.

What I am  looking for is a sponsor, or an advertiser who would like to come onboard, and sponsor the sites. It does not have to be a fortune, and this could be either a separate brewer / pub chain or even a group of micro breweries etc. I am not averse to those who have alternative views to mine about Brexit, if I like your pub chain and your pub meals!

I would just like to remove the necessity to add advertising across the site/s to achieve my potential. I do have a track record of about eighteen years of building the site/s and have already asked Ewan of the pubology site to look at continuing my research if I were unable for any reason, i.e. he would have total control of all content built so far rather than my pub research being lost for ever.

That’s it really. Anyone out there interested? Send me an email.


London 1832 and 1842 street directory

As part of the upgrade to the service,  a new London street directory is being added.  It is not actually new, being 186 years ago, and 176 years ago; but it is a unique directory with links to all of the London pubs at the time.

The directory is the 1832 London street directory from the Robsons directory. There are also images of the corresponding street ten years later. The images, although they are not actually a transcription, show the general trades for a street, and often the same residents. They also confirm whether a public house, tavern, inn, is still open; or whether there is a possibility of a new pub opening in the ten year period.

Actually, I cannot guarantee that all pubs are listed and linked to; as these early directories are sometimes a little selective about the areas covered. I think parts of Bethnal green are often missing.

Another really useful part of this research is adding earlier detail to many pubs in London and in particular for the areas least researched, e.g. Marylebone and Paddington.

Anyway, it is an amazingly brilliant piece of work by the London pub history team, and ties in with all the brilliant research already on the site/s.